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This is Jan and Marty's web site.   Last updated 2/8/2014.

Joe Pye Weed's Garden is a mail order plant nursery specializing in Siberian Irises, Versicolors, and Species and Interspecies hybrids. This site is to provide photos of the irises in our printed catalog. You cannot order directly from this website. If you don't have a catalog, we will send you an electronic version in PDF format. Write to Jan and Marty.

You can download an order form or a copy of the catalog (no pictures) by right clicking
on either of the links below and selecting Save [Link] Target As....
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Order Form.pdf (125k) Catalog.pdf (198k)

If you want a paper copy, send $2 to us at 337 Acton St., Carlisle, MA 01741-1432 (refundable with your first order).
Happy Gardening - Marty and Jan

Each link below takes you to a small collection of pictures.  Click on each picture to see a larger version.
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Slide Shows

2014 Introductions - 20 pictures

Siberian Irises A-E - 41 pictures
Siberian Irises F-L - 34 pictures
Siberian Irises M-R - 37 pictures
Siberian Irises S-Z - 37 pictures
Versicolor Irises - 9 pictures
Crested Irises - 31 pictures
Species Irises - 31 pictures
Interspecies Hybrids - 2 picture
Pardancandas - 11 pictures
Primulas and Other Perennials - 29 pictures